Best Sectional Sofas for Home Theaters

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best home theater sectionalImagine that you’re watching the latest Terminator movie. You’re on the edge of the seat; sadly, what’s keeping you on the edge of your seat isn’t a crazy awesome action sequence on the screen, but a flat, uncomfortable seat with down feathers poking through the upholstery. You deserve better than that and nothing’s better than a high quality sectional. We’ve tested, reviewed and made a selection of the models that are, in our view, the very best home theater sectionals on the market, ensuring you can enjoy movies to their fullest, with the utmost degree of comfort, relaxation and focus – all while holding your drinks and popcorn – as well as giving your home theater an elegant, classy and highly professional look.

It isn’t just about having the latest state-of-the-art home theater; it’s also about making the whole experience comfortable and the seating you choose is one of the key determiners of the same! As we’ve mentioned previously, sectional sofas are known for their comfort, versatility and great features; though they were initially labeled as unwieldy and large, many brands have worked past that to offer classy, elegant pieces of furniture that are becoming quite the rage!

If our first scenario sounded all too familiar to you or you’re just (wisely) doing your research before deciding on the seating in your home theater system, this article is for you! We’re here to give you the full report on sectional sofas for home theaters, including how to place your furniture for the best experience and things to remember before getting yourself a set. We’ll also show you our personal editor choices, ensuring you find the perfect one for you. Let’s begin!

Top 10 Best Home Theater Sectional Sofas

This is a thorough comparison of all the models that are, in our opinion, the best sectional sofas for home theaters. They’re all reclining, overstuffed for comfort, beautifully well designed, expertly crafted and also have unique features – cup holders, consoles, ambient lights and more – to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Sectional SofaBlack & White Leather Modern Sectional SofaHomelegance Maroni Reclining Sectional SofaHomelegance Pecos Reclining SectionalHomelegance Amite Reclining Sectional SofaDivano Roma Furniture Reclining SectionalHomelegance HO Reclining SectionalHomelegance Rosnay Reclining Sectional SofaHomelegance Falun Power Reclining Sectional SofaHomelegance Columbus Leath-Aire Sectional SofaDivano Roma Furniture Reclining Sectional Sofa
Price $$$$$ $$$$ $$$$ or $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$ $$
Size 136" 161.5" 117" 119" 104" 116.25" 108" 120" 126" 103.1"
Pieces 3 6 3 or 4 6 or 7 3 3/5/6 3 7 6 3
Fabric/Material Bonded Leather Polyester Fabric Faux Leather Faux Leather Bonded Leather Faux Leather Polyester Fabric Faux Leather Faux Leather Faux Leather
Recliner Type Manual Power Power or Manual Power Manual Power Manual Power Manual Manual
Other Colors (Contact Store)
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 30 Days 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 30 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon
To read in-depth reviews of all of these models, be sure to read our personal list of the best reclining sectionals.

How to Buy the Perfect Home Theater Sectional

Now that you’ve taken a look at the top units, let’s see how to select and place the perfect one.

Placing Your Furniture

Though placing your furniture in an aesthetic and convenient manner is of importance in any room, it is of utmost importance in a home theater set-up because the way all your seated viewers (not just a particular section) perceive sights and sounds of the movie depends on how the home theater furniture is set up. Several factors such as the line of vision, acoustics, light and so on come in to play and the furniture must be placed in a way that efficiently balances all these factors and gives viewers the best viewing experience.

Another important thing to consider is the size of your home theater system as the furniture shouldn’t overpower the room and make it seem crowded and vice versa. Additionally, a larger space will affect the sound quality as there will be more interference, in which case a sectional sofa that reasonably fills up space is a good idea. So ensure you know the dimensions of your home theater before you settle in on a sofa, whether it’s a space-saver, standard-size or an oversized seat.

Also, the worst thing you could do is to place your sectional against the wall or bang in the middle of the room; the former results in a bass build-up of the worst kind whereas it completely disappears in the latter. Additionally, while planning your set-up, you’ll have to consider the number of seats you’d like, the size of your theater screen itself and the sound system you’re using, so yes, quite a bit of research is in order!

Comfort Is Key

As mentioned earlier, comfortable seating goes a long way in enhancing the whole movie-viewing experience. Many brands make specific sectional sofas for home theaters, replete with features such as reclining chairs, cup-holders, charging ports, adjustable head and armrests, in-built LED lighting and comfortable cushions.

One of the best seating options is a leather reclining (manual or power) sectional sofa, provided guests don’t mind the armless chair in the middle (loveseat), in which case you’d have to go for individual recliners. Which chair you pick also depends a lot on the audience you’re hosting; if it’s just family or cuddling-involved movie nights with your significant other, a loveseat is perfect, but in a more formal setting, it may not be. Additionally, if you have kids, kids’ seats are a great option; similarly, there is a variety of seats you can choose from such as high-back seats and low-profile seatbacks, depending on your audience.

Luckily, there’s a ton of options available and you’re sure to find the option that’s perfect for you, whether they’re sofas and loveseats, chaises, or entire sectional sets.


Like a home theater, home theater seating can also be quite expensive, based on factors such as the upholstery, construction, size, features and whether or not you’re customizing it. However, as we said, there are many options out there and you’ll be sure to find one that fits your budget (from as little as under $499). Customizing a set will cost you more than buying a ready-made sectional sofa for home theater. You could also make use of financing options offered by sellers or build your system up piece-by-piece.

Final Words

Remember, size doesn’t matter when it comes to a sectional sofa for home theaters, but the scale does! Whether your theater is big or small, a sectional sofa will allow you to maximize the seating in the space, ensuring a comfortable experience where viewers don’t feel crowded-in or cramped. As we said, sectional sofas for home theaters are available in plenty today, with many brands offering sofas in various shapes, sizes and colors to match the room’s environment, decor and seating needs. The best part is that most of these brands also allow you to customize your sectional sofa for home theater, in terms of color, design, configuration, upholstery and features. A changeable configuration is great because you can add or take away pieces as you desire.

Keep these in mind, get a popcorn machine and you and your guests won’t probably ever want to venture into an actual theater ever again!

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