Best Sectional Sofa Brands

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best sectional sofa brandsWant to discover the best sectional sofa brands to ensure that you get a high quality set that you can rely on in looks, comfort and durability? We’ve got you covered then, as today we’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of sectionals and finding out the ones that are, in our view, the very best sectional sofa brands on the market.

Now, if you come from a big family, you’re probably no stranger to fights for the best seat in the house, or a seat, period. All the squeezing, wriggling, pushing and shoving to fit on the sofa with your parents, five aunts, ten cousins, the family pets and twenty other friends and guests on occasions or just those Saturday Night Live family binge sessions is an all-too-familiar story for most of us! Thankfully, a genius somewhere thought of sectional sofas, the best sofa option for those with large families, the party animals who host crowds regularly, or those who just like tons of space on their sofa for lounging and ultimate relaxation – all while enjoying their unbeatable good looks and elegant presence.

Though in the first days, back when they were introduced to the market, sectional sofas were panned for their unwieldiness, the sectional sofas of today are a whole different story. Sophisticated, elegant and available in a ton of different styles, sizes, materials and configurations, the average sectional sofa today can instantly liven up any room, whether it’s a studio apartment or the living room in the Buckingham Palace. However, the number of options available can send your head spiraling into an abyss of confusion and we haven’t even mentioned the possible configurations yet! But fret not; the nice people that we are, we’re here to decode all things sectional sofa.

Today, we give you an in-depth buying guide on sectional sofas and a lowdown on some of the best sectional sofa brands in the market, in our view. After all, if you’re planning on getting one, you’ll need to know just what you want and what to look for so that you ace the task and get the perfect one. Take a seat and let’s get started!

Top 8 Sectional Sofa Brands

Looking for the best sectional sofa brand reviews? We’ve got you covered. As promised, here’s a lowdown on some of the best sectional sofa brands, in our view, currently in the market.

Stone & Beam

Stone & Beam is Amazon’s upscale furniture offering, with the focus being on warm and light shades, coziness, and rusticity. The sofas under this brand are classy, clean and neatly designed, lending to a room’s aesthetic appeal without compromising on their comfort or functionality. Shoppers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer variety of sofas available, all of which are sturdy, easy to assemble and well-constructed. Though the prices are slightly on the expensive side, they still work out much cheaper than competitors’ sofas, and the quality for the price you pay is outstanding. Add into this mix the free Amazon Prime shipping, and you’ll find that Stone & Beam is a great option to consider.

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Like Stone & Beam, Rivet is an Amazon brand, though slightly less upscale and expensive than its sister brand. Inspired by greats such as Hans Wegner and George Nelson, Rivet keeps its sofas mid-century modern style, with all the designs being timeless and chic. The aesthetic of Rivet sofas is completely different from the warm finishes that Stone & Beam offers, with black accents, finishing in bold brass, walnut wood, and a combination of cognac leather, navy blue and grey. They also tend to exude a more angled and “masculine” vibe than Stone & Beam sofas.

Additionally, the prices are all reasonable, especially when you consider the outstanding quality and sturdy make of the sofas. You also have a wide variety to choose from and the fact that it’s an Amazon offering means the availing of free Prime shipping.

To check out their sectional sofas, you can click the button below:

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Known for its sturdy and elegant pieces, US-based Modway, like Rivet, is all about the mid-century modern style. The company’s main selling point is its unique designs, incorporating a new take on classic designs. The brand is also known for its quality, with all its products boasting clean designs, superior construction and compatibility with a range of spaces.

In addition to their quality, Modway sofas all come in a range of elegant and neutral designs, with a wide color palette to choose from. The sofas are also comfortable, durable, reliable, and versatile.

To check out their sectional sofas, you can click the button below:

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Dating back to 1984, US-based Homelegance Inc. has been satisfying the furniture needs of the country’s good people for a while now, as well as those around the world. The company aims to provide the best service and quality at the best price, promising the best value on all their products — an aim that also translates on to their sectionals. The sofas are versatile, compatible with a range of settings and lifestyles. Like Rivet and Stone & Beam, you’ll find options for every type of room at Homelegance, making it, in our view, one of the best sectional sofa brands available.

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Ashley Furniture

One of America’s most popular chain of furniture stores, Ashley Furniture has been in operation since 1997, with over 800 locations around the world. Catering to both corporate and home settings, the chain is known for its variety and quality, which is also evident in its sofa offerings.

Additionally, the brand offers quality, up-to-date designs that are as highly affordable as they are elegant and aesthetically appealing. The company promises unmatched value on its sofas, and customers can choose from a wide variety that caters to every type of room and finish, whether it’s industrial finishing, rustic appeal, or mid-century styled sofas that they’re looking for.

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Baxton Studio

Based in Chicago, Baxton Studio falls under the wide umbrella of Wholesale Interiors Inc. The brand aims to provide customers with durable and high-quality sofas to the extent that they can withstand shipping across the length and breadth of the country. Additionally, the sofas are modern and affordable, with designs being continuously updated to suit the current styles and trends. The company also offers a lot of choices when it comes to its sofas, just as it does with its entire line of furniture.

To check out their regular sofas and sectional sofas, you can click the button below:

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Divano Roma Furniture

Divano Roma’s sofas come with the promise of unique designs and a ton of special features, without compromising on the functionality and convenience of the pieces. The company’s sofas give customers plenty to cheer about, with a sturdy build that ensures a long life for the product, and extreme comfort and convenience. Though the pieces have frustrated customers with their difficult assembly, they’re still a popular choice among the good folks of America.

To check out their sectional sofas, you can click the button below:

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Founded in 1988, Poundex is one of the seasoned veterans of the American furniture industry and – in our opinion – one of the best sectional sofa brands. With the aim of offering the highest quality at the lowest price, Poundex is known for its excellent customer service and the style, craftsmanship and value of its products, especially its sofas. With its wide range of choices, the company leaves its customers spoilt for choice.

To check out their sectional sofas, you can click the button below:

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Sectional Sofas – All You Need to Know

Apart from the obvious “room factor” (more seating space than conventional sofas), sectional sofas are also versatile, compatible with any room size and can create sectioned spaces when it comes to open-floor plans, thanks to their size and build.

Before we delve into sectional sofas completely, there are a few things you must understand about them. When a sectional sofa is left-arm facing (LAF), it means that the sofa’s arm is on the seated person’s right. A right-arm facing (RAF) is the obvious opposite. Knowing this is crucial as sectional sofas involve two or more pieces, in which case the arm’s placement will determine how well the sofas fit together as well as in your room. The fewer the pieces in your sectional sofa, the less expensive it’s going to be.

Types of Sectional Sofas

As we said, the sheer variety of sectional sofas is enough to send anyone into a tizzy, but this also means that there’s a sectional sofa out there for everyone! Thanks to the range of options, you can get exactly the kind of sofa you want, even if it means some effort is required to look into all the available options. But hey, you know what they say about pain and gain.

Some of the most popular sectional sofas are:

  • L-Shaped Sofas: As the name suggests, these sofas are built in an “L” shape, giving viewers the appearance of merged sofas forming a right angle. L-shaped sofas are super-versatile, perfect for corners as well as the middle of the room
  • Curved Sofas: Curved sofas, though elegant and classy, are not the sofas you want in a small space. Thanks to their curved silhouette, they won’t sit against the wall, which can make for some pretty awkward spacing in a small room
  • U-Shaped Sofas: These guys are your best bet when there’s a large space requiring filling up or a large number of bottoms to seat. Its two extended arms face each other, making it the perfect seating for intimate conversations
  • Sleeper: Who wouldn’t love a sofa that doubles up as a bed? Sleeper sofas are functional, space-saving when folded up and spacious when unfolded (queen or king-sized bed) and commonly-used yet great additions to chaise sofas
  • Modular Sofas: This one’s great if you’re one of the indecisive types or are given to changing your mind quite often. Modular sofas, unlike most other sectionals that only connect in a certain way, can be rearranged as desired, and generally, consist of five or more pieces

Sectional sofas can also be differentiated based on the features they come equipped with, such as loveseats, recliners, chairs, round corner wedges, square corners, console armrests, wedge console, drop-down tables and cocktail ottomans. However, most sectional sofas come with a “3 over 3” or “2 over 2” design, which means 3 or 2 back cushions over 3 or 2 seat cushions, respectively. Additionally, they may have only one arm (LAF or RAF), no arm, or two arms (like a normal sofa).

What to Keep in Mind When Picking a Sectional Sofa

Now that we know what types of sectional sofas exist in the market, here’s a list of things to keep in mind so you can find the right sofa to suit your needs:

  • Decide whether you want to go right or left (RAF vs LAF). Always stand looking at the sofa from the front; if you want the arm to extend to the right, go RAF and vice versa
  • Ensure that the sofa’s measurements match the measurements of its designated space in the room. A great tip is to tape the dimensions and shape of the sofa onto the room’s floor so you know exactly how much space it will take up and how you can field your way around it. A sofa should be placed in a way that ensures comfortable seating without any disruption of movement
  • Decide whether you want the corner seat, as with most U and L-shaped sofas, the corner seat will be bound on both sides, taking away all but a little space for lounging legs when the sofa is at full occupancy. For legroom, go with a round style
  • Decide if you want it against the wall or “floating” in the center of the room. Most people are afraid to try the latter but done right, it can really elevate the look of the room
  • A sofa is an important piece of furniture in any room, often being the first thing to draw the visitor’s eyes. Therefore, style your sofa! Pair it with a rug or a coffee table, look into pillow formations, and ensure the sofa’s color and size match or complement the furnishings, wall paint and accessories in the room for an added aesthetic element

Final Words

Sectionals are a great addition to any space; not only are they comfortable, spacious and convenient but they’re also elegant and classy. In addition, considering that the brands listed above are some of the best sectional sofa brands there are, in our opinion, there isn’t much room for error. However, since they can involve a substantial investment of money, ensure that you minimize the room for error further by knowing what you’re looking for when buying a sectional. First and foremost, consider if you need it all. For example, in really small, cramped spaces, a sectional sofa will only add to the clutter instead of enhancing the room’s look. Additionally, when buying one-armed sofas, consider the fact that many people feel uncomfortable sitting on sofas without an arm to rest on. In such cases, you may need to buy a loveseat or consider a double-armed sectional sofa.

Therefore, it isn’t just about comfort, space and convenience when buying a sectional — there are a range of other factors to consider, as mentioned earlier. You may also want to consider the purpose of the room and if a sectional is the right option for it. For example, in a room with a TV, a sectional is great only when it faces the TV and not so much, the rest of it that doesn’t face the TV. Therefore, a U-shaped sectional may be a better option than an L-shaped one, in such a case.

Though sectionals take up more space than regular sofas, they’re more versatile and comfortable, able to fit a larger number of people on them. They are also customizable and considering the range of benefits that come with them, a great investment.

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