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Hello and welcome to the Sectionalist – my name’s Sarah and I’m a professional interior designer with a passion for sectional sofas. Their unbeatable combination of gorgeous decor, stunning designs and unbeatable comfort makes them an essential part of any stylish, inviting room and I love using them to achieve perfect interiors.

I’ve been recommending my own favorite models to my clients and to my friends as well – so much so that I even started a list of my top choices. This is where the idea for this website took off – ever since, I’ve dedicated myself thoroughly reviewing, comparing and sharing all the top choices on the market so I can share my professional opinion and recommendations with the world and help everyone find the perfect sectionals for their home.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that you, whatever the layout, the decor or the budget, get a sectional sofa that’s perfect for your needs, allowing you to make the most out of your space and get that irresistibly comfortable, good looking, classy presence that a sectional delivers.

I’ve got a couple of friends to help me with the website and the mission – Joan and Rob – and we’ll be here to help you with anything you need. Take a look at our articles below and click on the images to read them – we’ll see you there!

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Hey there, if even after reading the articles you’ve still got questions or simply want to talk, be sure to leave a comment on the guide’s comment section or you can also feel free to send me an email if you prefer – I’ll be here! Visit the contact us page and I’ll answer as quickly as possible and do my best to help out.

I hope you enjoy reading the website and that me and my team are able to help you choose the perfect sectional sofa. Have a fantastic day!
– Sarah